Personalised Vegan Brownie Cake (£33+£5 delivery)

Personalised Vegan Brownie Cake (£33+£5 delivery)


£33 + £5 one day delivery included.

An amazing double layer of gooey vegan brownie, sandwiched together with a layer of chocolate, topped with more chocolate and a layer vegan biscuits and a drizzle of…you guessed it …chocolatel! ….perfect vegan birthday cake for the chocaholic and delivered to your door!

Let us know which biscuits, chocolate, nuts etc you do and don’t like and we’ll include as many of your favourites as possible (e.g. we could sandwich with peanut butter if you love peanut butter)! Also let us know if there’s anything to avoid due to allergies. (you can put this in the additional information ‘message’ box which will pop up when you add this to your cart)

Easily serves 20.

Choose your next day dispatch or a preferred delivery date when you add to cart.

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They'll arrive through your letterbox, gift-wrapped and ready to eat.  Packed with Belgian Chocolate, this us the perfect treat for anyone, vegan or not!

This brownie tray is not one of our letterbox friendly options

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