1) Postage

Brownie gifts UK - unless requested otherwise, all UK brownies are posted the next working day with a 1-2 day courier service.  If you'd like them for a particular date, we send them 2 working days before.

Brownie gifts Europe - if you'd like to send some brownies outside of the UK, please choose the brownies to Europe option, which includes postage cost.

2) Can I choose any flavours?

We now have an option on our website to hand pick a different flavour for each brownie in the box.  Click here to choose your flavours. 

3) Do you do gluten free brownies?

Of course! You can order gluten free brownies online by clicking here.  They are made to a gluten free recipe, in a facility that handles gluten.

Our new Caramel Incrediballs are also made to a gluten free recipe, but the Cookie Incrediballs are not.  Please click here to order your Incrediballs! 

4) Do you make dairy free brownies?

Again.. of course!  And even better, we make dairy free brownies without coconut!  Click here to order dairy free brownies online now.  We've got nothing against coconut, but it's nice to have a dairy and coconut free option too, as coconut is a very strong flavour!  They are made to a dairy and gluten free recipe, in a facility that handles gluten.

5) What do your gluten free brownies taste like?

Our gluten free brownies are AMAZING!  They pretty much taste the exact same as our other brownies.  To order gluten free brownies online, click here.

6) What do your dairy and gluten free brownies taste like?

I have taken my dairy and gluten free brownies to events as tasters for customers.  Not one customer guessed that they weren't a normal brownie and they get just as amazing feedback as our normal brownies.  They're still super gooey and we pack so much chocolate in that you don't miss the butter in the slightest!  In replace of butter, we use a sunflower oil based dairy free spread.  To order dairy free brownies online click here.

7) I'm not sure which brownie is which - help!

Click here for our 'Identify your Brownie!' page.

8) What allergens are in my brownies?

Click here for our 'Allergens' page.

9) Do you do Vegan brownies?

We're working on it, and they should be available very soon, we just wanted to make sure they're the best they can be before you try them!