Monthly Specials Mix Subscription (free delivery!)

Monthly Specials Mix Subscription (free delivery!)

from 12.00 every month


This months specials include BANOFFEE, MINT AND MINI SMARTIES brownies!

Choose your next day dispatch or a preferred delivery date when you add to cart - ALL MONTHLY SPECIALS MUST BE POSTED WITHIN THAT MONTH :)

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Banoffee - our gooey Belgian chocolate brownie base mixed with banana chips, topped with a sticky banana flavoured toffee and more banana!
- a dark chocolate Belgian brownie base, infused with mint and toped with mint Matchsticks!
Mini Smartie
- our classic gooey brownie with big milk chocolate chunks and topped with mini chocolate beans!

They'll arrive through your letterbox, gift-wrapped and ready to eat.  All made with Belgian Chocolate, free range eggs and proper butter, these are a perfect treat for anyone!

Don't worry if you're not going to be in - our 6 box brownies fit through your letterbox! 

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If you want your brownies as soon as possible and one flavour isn't in stock, we may replace it with a similar flavour so there is no delay with your order.